Do You Feel Burnt Out? Do Feelings Of Overwhelm, Loneliness, Stress, Emptiness ... Seem To Weigh You Down?

Men everywhere are STRUGGLING to feel like CHAMPIONS in their home and work lives. Whether it's living half-hearted in several areas, not being in a satisfying job role, carrying-on in a hurting marriage...


YOU are not alone and YOU can live a fulfilling life.

Are you ready to design your own life, but need accountability, or quite possibly a plan to know where to start?! 

Are You Feeling Unsatisfied And Defeated?

Maybe you're dreading everything, day in and day out...but on the outside you're wearing a mask of determination and drive. 

What if I Told You That You Could...

✔ Live a life of adventure, stop pretending, and get more out of life.

✔ Have a MEANINGFUL marriage - a marriage filled with connection. 

✔ Design your life and get the job you deserve.

✔ Stop playing it safe! You can learn how to speak up and communicate your desires, wants, and needs.

✔ Deal with conflict and conquer hurdles like debt, conviction, hard conversations, family troubles, bosses...and more. 

✔ Lose the weight, start gaining traction in your physical goals. 

Wouldn't you want that?

What would you give to have all of these?

You can EXPERIENCE freedom in all areas of your life. You can live on the adventure of following God with you wholeheart, while enjoying your wife, your job, your kids...


Let me show you the secret to the transformation in MY OWN life! 




The Champions Circle will examine the house you are building, the habits to build a “home”, the obstacles in the way, the opportunities you desire to create, living with open hands, developing perspective, perseverance, and patience along the way, and finally examine the ego that gets in the way of living with excellence. This program will provide a community, a Mastermind of men who will offer insights or epiphanies that keep YOU on track.


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Calling All Men Who Want Freedom...
Are You Ready to be Fully Alive?

Watch more about The Champions Circle and why this has been created for you. 



I champion hope in the ambitious man to be fully alive. And with over 1,000 hours of one on one coaching and counseling and over 500 of hours leading groups I have first-hand experience in building champions.

I have discovered how to turn pain into power and purpose. I do this by leading men to be self-aware, assertive, and ambitious in the adventure of following God. 

I will help you overcome the nice guy syndrome, romance your wife, and design your life to have meaning.

To be honest, I am opening up the playbook to my failures, conflicts, and shortcomings that allow me to win the day.

I have designed The Champions Council to be an integrated program that encompasses all of the traditional ways we try to grow (Ie: Professional Coaching, Counseling, Leadership Conferences) into one clear process.

Trusted By:

This Program Includes...

Monthly Coaching

Weekly, monthly group coaching with hot seat coaching.

Monthly Challenge

Each month will have a theme and teaching with a clear challenge for the time period.

Private Community

You will have access to a private group where accountability happens.

In-Person Adventures

Every 6 months you will be invited to an in-person adventure.

Enroll Today!

What you will get inside the Champions Circle...

  • Council of like-minded men moving in the same direction 
  • Clear Actionable Live Content
  • Executive Coaching Support
  • Curated Book Club 
  • Group Coaching
  • Spiritual Direction  
  • Personality Assessments
  • Invitation to Adventure Based Retreats
A Mastermind group that helps men find freedom and level-up their life. This program is not for quitters, this program is for ambitious men.

So, what's all this worth to you?

Compared to Professional Coaching Starting at $500 Per Month or Professional Counseling Starting at $150 Per Session or the latest Leadership Conference at $3,000 or more. 

Now you have access to a community of champions, a professional coach, a professional counselor, and powerful content, and a council of champions. What is it worth to be on a path of growth? Start your business? Lead your wife in intimacy and have the sex you desire? Experience less anxiety at work? To become the dad your kids deserve? Once you have invested in your growth you have an accountability path that will move you towards a meaningful life - which is INVALUABLE!



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  • Ongoing Mastermind
  • Monthly Teaching
  • Growth Plan and Dashboard
  • Q & A Gatherings
  • Live Hot Seat Coaching
  • Curated Book Club
  • VIP at In-Person Events 



Extra Value of $3,450 Included

  • Everything in Monthly PLUS...
  • Six One on One Coaching Sessions ($3000)
  • Birkman Behavior and Occupational Profile ($450)

Ready For Results That Last?

Life transformation takes deep intentionality to become aware of your past, current, and future narrative.

You will see results immediately but longterm results require a commitment no less than 6 months. Most men see MAJOR life breakthrough in 12 months. However, with the principles applied every man will see action in the first month.

I can guarantee your wife will thank me in the first month and will say keep going whatever it costs after 90 days.

Cody S.

It’s totally worth it. I felt defeated like I was spinning my wheels. Lantz was able to ask questions that I could articulate with my spouse about what was holding us back in our sex life. He helped me realize that our sex life was never about attraction or love – but rather about communication, decreasing stress, and respect.

Shane D.

I am thankful to have you in my corner. You are able to show me a path to connect with my purpose and stay aligned with Christ. 

Gordon H.

I had hit a brickwall…
having an outsider pour into your life in a practical and systematic way is worth it. I was able to gain the confidence I needed to step away from a lucrative corporate job and regain my health. There is a night and day difference between my kids and the involvement I now have with my family.

Let's Get Honest With Ourselves...

You can accomplish all of this outside of this program. YOU CAN! 

...But I also know that you haven't. 

By NOT joining the Champions Circle know you'll continue to struggle alone, face continued loneliness, more sexless nights, boredom at work, be frustrated with no male friendships that hold you to higher standards. You'll waste more time on a hobby to avoid connecting with your wife, your friends, or coworkers in meaningful ways. You'll face more debt, look at the mirror or scale and fight uphill battles, and so much more. 

But you don't have to! You need a community and can find one here in the Champions Circle.

Are you ready to win at home and work?

If you are not 100% clear on your answer, then Champions Circle is designed for you.  

Customized, high-caliber coaching and community is now available to men who are willing to accept the challenge and conquer meaningful growth.

Join Champions Circle to optimize your life and become fully alive. 

I can relate...

It wasn't all that long ago that I burnt out as executive leader. However, I thought I had “arrived” and I believed that I was made to “lead" and "climb my portion of the ladder". (All that's a lie by the way). I would say I had an amazing marriage, but on the inside I was lonely because of the demands at work and the homefront beginning to be too much. I was afraid of the future as we had our fourth daughter... I had four girls all under the age of 5. It was a lot. I thought I was calm and connected, but on the inside there was so much chaos and confusion going on. Primarily about, "how the hell am I going to take care of this much responsibility!" I was becoming more passive, but really was “leading” from everyone's perspective. I kept taking on more then I could handle. I kept “doing all the things” but my soul was adrift. I remember leading a group of men feeling all alone in my fear and anxiety. The question for the night and discussion I was leading was “what do you want?” I did not dare answer the question because I wanted out of the job that I was leading them in as a minister. I wanted out and I was uncertain who my safe people were. Of course, no one really pushed me on the answer, but that begin a spiral of events and even God gave me signs that it was time to move on. In my desperation, I continued to die on the inside and reached out to many men along the way, but never felt like I got my lifeboat or the friend that said “let’s walk this together.” In a nutshell, I am desiring to help this person not mess their life up and even take their life to the next level. 

Most men will experience a similar story of suffering and failure between 36-45 - if they learn the lesson that God was teaching they will thrive and make a difference. The sad reality is that most men continue this miserable cycle until they die.

But not are here and I can tell you're ready to go through the transformation! 

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Join a council of men who are becoming fully alive.

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Is This Program Right For Me?

Yes, because...

You're committed to at least 6 months of an intense deep dive on life. You're a leader and living a meaningful life is important to you. You want to achieve more in - Fitness, Finance, Family, Friendships, and Faith! And because you're ready to wake up and become a CHAMPION! 

No, because...

Living the life of your dreams is "too hard" and you don't want to commit to making a change. This is not the right place for you if you're not in it for the long haul, you don't want to make time for things that matter and you don't want to be a better husband or father. 

Don't Wait!

The time to become the man you want to be is now. 

Inside the Champions Circle you're going to see results so much faster than you have before. You'll learn the gift of centering prayer and develop the discipline to pray and focus. You'll get crazy comfortable sitting and being alone with your thoughts and with talking to God. It's time to go all in! 

Enroll today, buy a journal, prepare to take notes, listen to God, receive some intense feedback and brotherhood, become great at asking questions, and embrace a new phase of pursuit - pursuit of a better, stronger, more intimate relationship with God, your wife, your kids, and other areas of life. 

Connecting With Champions 

The path to significance and impact is best done in the community. You have goals, desires, and dreams that will only come alive with meaningful relationships that hold you accountable. Inside the council, you will conquer what you want most while helping other men do the same.

Become a Founding Member Today

Join a council of men who are becoming fully alive.

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